Tatjana Pieters


TATJANA PIETERS is an international gallery for contemporary art located in a unique, 400 m2 warehouse in a gentrified area of Ghent. Committed to the accessibility of contemporary art within a social framework, experimentation, the broadening of the mind, and social awareness are the driving forces behind this operation. The gallery brings museum-like exhibitions that combine the promotion of emerging artists with the repositioning of mid-career/ established artists that have been overlooked.

The gallery often supports artists at a primary stage, functioning as a catalyst in the growth of their artistic career. With the presentation of Belgian artists like Walter Swennen, Luc Deleu and Philippe Van Snick, the gallery has also promoted the careers of respected older artists within a broader international context. Representing artistic positions that are not easily categorized, the gallery offers an experimental platform that lingers between the independent domain, the institution, and the art market. TATJANA PIETERS participates in several fairs each year to promote the gallery artists on the international scene.


Tatjana Pieters has been educated as a conservator-restorer of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and continued to study Art History at the University of Ghent. Since 2005 she has curated more than 150 exhibitions inside and outside of her gallery. Since 2008 Pieters is part of several juries and commissions, amongst others the subsidy commission of the Flemish Community, and the jury for the Flemish Culture Prize and the Belgian Pavillion at the Venice Biennial.

Her dedication to the gallery as a platform for the promotion of engaged positions is based on the belief that art can create more awareness and help positive change in a society that desperately needs it. Driven by this commitment, Pieters is also a licensed Avatar® Master delivering an experiential consciousness training that learns people the skills to live deliberately. https://theavatarcourse.com/


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